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    Can you please tell me why this wont work? I&#039ve tried a lot and haven&#039t found it out. Keep in mind that I am new to this.<BR><BR>strSQL="INSERT INTO" & Users & "(UserName, Password, SecurityLevel)" <BR>VALUES ("&#039"&myname&"&#039", "&#039"&mypassword&"&#039", "&#039"&mylevel&"&#039")"<BR><BR>Now it keeps telling me that there is an Undetermined String Constant. Thanks much for your time.

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    first of i would put response.write strSQL on the next line<BR><BR>also i dont think that you need "(UserName, Password, SecurityLevel)" <BR><BR>you should just write<BR><BR>strSQL="INSERT INTO Users VALUES " & myname & ", " & mypassword & " , " &mylevel

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