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    I Have To Do the Manipulation Using procedure which i was Wrote <BR>at Asp And iam Calling the procedure by clicking one option button (onclick=&#060;%call check()%&#062;) But What&#039s happining is<BR>before clicking the button or before calling the procedure<BR>the asp coding that is procedure get executed and returns error<BR>How can i prevent it?Pl.Response me

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    hey sorry this is not a reply to your message but i am having some problem which i want to tell you.<BR>The thing is that if you are using asptear pleae look for thsi.<BR>i am able to use the asptear to grab the site inside the firewall it works fine but outside when i put it into a server outside the firewall it doesnot.<BR>kindly if you are aware of this problem give me some solution.

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