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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I don&#039t know of this is the right forum to ask but I have a problem with PWS(Personal Web Server).<BR>After I installed PWS on my win98 machine and every time after a boot the dial in popsup and it wants to connect to the internet.<BR>Also when I&#039m not online and want to view pages through localhost a dialog popsup saying that the page i request is not available offline and again it wants to connect to the Internet. <BR>I really appriciate any help<BR>Thanks.<BR>EMB

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Yes, PWS can get confused sometimes. If you have previously clicked "work offline", then your browser will ask if you want to connect (even to localhost) before proceeding. It shouldn&#039t actually dial up though (i.e. use your "real" internet connection). It should just connect to your PWS.<BR><BR>David Cox

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    Thanks David, for the quick respons.<BR>Well, what you say make sence, but it connect to the Internet if I proceed and when I click browse offline I get a 404 error that the page cannot be found. I uninstalled and reinstalled PWS several times but it is still the same, it is also annoying everytime I boot the computer it wants to connect to the Internet.<BR>Is it maybe a registry setting you know of? <BR>Any help would be appriciated<BR>Thanks!<BR>EMB

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    Hi,<BR><BR>By setting dial through a LAN setting in MSIE solved the problem :) Thanks for any responses.<BR>EMB

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