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    I downloaded some example ASP codes and databases to try them out, but 2 of them won&#039t let me see the pages. When i try testing out the pages with "localhost" i get a message saying "you are not authorized to view this page". Do i have to change something in the code so i can see the pages?<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Rick

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    I am new at this, but I had a similar problem when I first started working with authorization for a site, <BR><BR>It could be that when you log in through the db, it may be assigning session values through a field in the db.<BR><BR>Check the code, if there is a session variable check, comment it out and retry.<BR><BR>Hopefully that may work for you, if not, there are people a heck of a lot more experienced than me that can help<BR><BR>MJ

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