Can't FSO.GetFolder on remote path

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Thread: Can't FSO.GetFolder on remote path

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    I wrote an asp page to generate parameters for an directory navigation applet, which has to browse directories. Local directories run great, but if I try it with a UNC name it gives me the stuff below:<BR><BR>Set RootFolder = FSO.GetFolder (strPath)<BR>strPath = "\myservere$groupsfolder"<BR><BR>HERE&#039S THE ERROR I GET:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a004c&#039 <BR>Path not found <BR><BR>IT WORKS FINE ON LOCAL PATHS<BR>Is it possible to do this somehow? I need the OBJECT so I can call subfolders, etc... is this possible?

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    I couldn&#039t find the specific doc, but I&#039m pretty sure you will need a drive letter mapped to the UNC path.<BR>If you need to do it on the fly, WSH can do it<BR><BR>-Andrew

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