Hi<BR>I&#039m a newbie to ASP programming, so this may be a silly question, but here goes...<BR><BR>I have a VB object &#039OrderPlugin&#039 which also implements another interface &#039Plugin&#039. In my ASP code, I need to use both these interfaces and so the code I wrote is :<BR><BR> Dim oOrderPlugin <BR> Dim oPlugin<BR> Set oOrderPlugin = Server.CreateObject("OrderPluginLib.OrderPlugin")< BR> set oPlugin = oOrderPlugin &#039 to use Plugin interface<BR> <BR> oOrderPlugin.Action = "action" &#039 this works<BR> oPlugin.Cache &#039 this is a method of the Plugin Interface<BR><BR>However the ASP fails with an error indicating Cache is not a method of the oPlugin object. <BR><BR>I have double checked the spellings and the exact same code works in Visual Basic, so I&#039m at a loss as to whats going on here...<BR><BR>Is there something I&#039m missing ? Can anybody clue me in ?<BR>Regards<BR>Kartik