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    Hi I have looked at XML and apart from the fact that you seem to be able to create your own tags I just can&#039t see how it helps me. Is there an advantage to using it or is it just another language ?<BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Dwane

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    The best use of XML is data transfer. If you&#039ve ever<BR>tried to transfer data from one website to another then<BR>you know it&#039s not always an easy task. You usually have to parse<BR>an HTML file for specific data and one changes can screw it all<BR>up. In general it&#039s used to transfer data between applications.<BR><BR>For instance, SOAP, a XML standard being pushed by Microsoft,<BR>wil be used for data transfer between COM objects. One object <BR>could stream this XML to the other object when needed. Since it&#039s<BR>Internet based I think this is allot better than what&#039s in place now <BR>(DCOM). <BR><BR>Another good example is this - the site Im building now gets<BR>a weather data feed every few minutes. This data is simply<BR>ascii text that we parse and place into a DB. But the problem<BR>is that this data can come differently every time so sometimes<BR>we can&#039t parse it correctly. We could solve this by having<BR>the provider come up with a XML standard that everyone could<BR>use. The structure of XML would allow you to add data to tthis<BR>feed without causing problems on our end. We could use this data<BR>or opt not to use it. But it wouldn&#039t cause our parsing app to<BR>crap out.<BR><BR>There are uses for it. But it&#039s just another tool in the toolbox,<BR>not the end all, be all that allot of hypesters are trying to<BR>make it. Add XML to a press release and watch your stock soar!<BR>woo hoo. XML will save you! Here comes XML man.<BR><BR>So don&#039t worry about the hype, but realize that it can be useful<BR>if you know how to use it.<BR><BR><BR>- Ian

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