Got a strange and very frustrating thing going on with an emailer script that was working fine last week and then decided not to work any more. All it has to do is attach a .gif file to an email message and send it. Came in this week and it was no longer working, despite no changes being made to the script. We have discovered that if we use it to send attachments of very small size (20K, 40K, 70K) it still works perfectly. But anything over about 90K and it breaks at the &#039objMail.Send&#039 line, and gives an "unspecified error" message. The file we need to send is 124K of course!!! Does anybody know what might be causing this problem? Like I said, one day it worked and the next it didn&#039t. Thanks for any thoughts, here&#039s the relevant code:<BR><BR><BR>dim objmail,usethiscard,cardname<BR>set objmail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><BR>cardn ame="slice2.jpg"<BR>usethiscard = Server.MapPath("../walktalk/cards/" & cardname)<BR><BR>objmail.From="sender&#039s email address"<BR>objmail.To="recipient&#039s email address"<BR>objmail.Subject="blah blah blah"<BR>objmail.Body="blah blah blah"<BR><BR>objmail.Attachfile usethiscard<BR>objmail.Send<BR>Set objmail = Nothing<BR><BR>