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    Tanuj Malik Guest

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    Dear Sir,<BR> We are group of Indian Web Developers.We have very good skills in Web Development, we have both programmers and designers to complement each other.We have been designing sites from last 2 yrs.We charge 18 USD per hour for our Work.We are looking for assignments<BR>Our Skills in programming consistute <BR>HTML, DHTML<BR>ASP (Active Server Pages) with database integration<BR>Cold Fusion<BR>Java, Applets, Servelets,Java Beans<BR>Java Script<BR>Databases like MS-Sql, Access & Oracle<BR>Languages C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic<BR> We have capabilities to design any web application however complex it may be, we have one of world best programmers with us and can deliver a project in shortest time frame possible.<BR> <BR>Our Skills in Web Designing Consistute<BR>Designing using Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator, Coreldraw, PhotoImpact,<BR>Macromedia Flash<BR>Editors like Fronpage,Dreamweaver, Fireworks<BR>Animations using Gif Animator,ImageReady, Animation Shop<BR> We design eyecatching, fast downloading sites keeping in mind clients specifications.<BR> Our charges are most economical and promise our clients a world class product which meets all there specifications.We are ready to take any project howsoever small or big it may be.We can also work on sub contracts.We lookforward to an oppurtunity from your side.<BR> <BR>Thanking you,<BR>Tanuj Malik<BR>

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    western world Guest

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    be carefull from 18$/hour its value is 18 cents and gives bad smell to the www developers

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    fl1rt Guest

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    I&#039ll put my name to it, unlike some....<BR>but $18 is taking the mick, just a little bit. so I agree.<BR><BR>Are there any example URL&#039s available?<BR>(developed at $18 hour)<BR><BR>From such a wide skill set and disciplines listed, you&#039d expect a price tag more like $180 and not the former quote.<BR><BR>fl1rt (possibly available closer to the latter quote)<BR>

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