Can I run a Microsoft Access database on a Unix OS

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Thread: Can I run a Microsoft Access database on a Unix OS

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    I am attempting to set up a database-driven web site utilizing Active Server Pages technology. I plan to use ChiliASP on an IBM computer running an AIX operating system and Apache web server software. <BR><BR>My questions are:<BR><BR>1. Will I be able to use all my old Active Server Pages scripts I wrote in VBScript (they were running on a Windows NT server)on the new server without changing anything?<BR><BR>2. Is there any way to store a Microsoft Access database on the Unix server and query it using the ASP pages (witten in VBScript and JavaScript) on the same server (I know the Microsoft Jet engine is useless on the Unix server)?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Mike Moore<BR><BR>

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    I dont think you can do anything useful with access from a unix box. other than store it. (although it could be said that access just isnt useful period) anyways, From what i understood, you access the Jet Engine through vbscript. the engine then gets to your data. VBScript/ADO don&#039t have any sql engines, thats provided by the database itself. so if the engine is useless, so is the db. <BR><BR>all is not lost though, i would look at MySQL its a free (or nearly free) database system. Its very fast & has many features just like access. <BR><BR>I believe that some things will work on the unix servers just as they would on NT, i dont think that its possible to use CDONTS though, i think chilisoft has there own version & its called something different. check out their website, they have pretty good documentation there. <BR><BR>hope that helps<BR>Scott S

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