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    V.Ganapathy Guest

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    Hello,<BR>I have a quiz page with several questions with option buttons where the answers are selected by the visitor to the page and the next page gives his marks based on the answers selected.<BR>My question is(I am new to asp/internet working:)If say several visitors visit my page and submit answers at the same time,wont there be an error in returning the correct marks for each person who submitted the form? Or should I write some code to eliminate this concern? (or,what makes someone&#039s page unique if II am not collecting any of his personal data?)<BR>any help is appreciated.Thanks.<BR>

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    SPG Guest

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    What makes it unique is that for every user who submits their answers, a fresh copy of the statistics generator is executed. <BR><BR>It&#039s pretty much the same way opening 36 (or however many) copies of NotePad simultaneously works. Yes, they&#039re all the same application all doing the exact same thing, but they don&#039t get confused because they&#039re all using different bits of the computer&#039s resources.<BR><BR>HiH

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