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    Bruno Santos Guest

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    After a long business trip, here I am...<BR>Hope you don&#039t miss me so much, hehe<BR><BR>Kisses for the girls, and regards for the others!<BR>Gotta go to bed, byes!!<BR><BR>Bruno (brunosantos@rj.net)

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    Nicol Guest

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    Ju ju baby juju<BR><BR>Nicol

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    that&#039s what I am wondering,how come there&#039s a message board without Bruno&#039s reply

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    I&#039ve got no idea who you are, and so did not notice that you were gone, but that&#039s not the point.<BR>I looked at that select list code you gave : very very cool.<BR>Welcome Back!<BR><BR>-Andrew<BR><BR>

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