Access database makes PWS freeze!

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Thread: Access database makes PWS freeze!

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    I&#039ve got a problem with PWS on Win98, hope someone can help me.<BR>I use PWS as a testing platform before I publish my pages on the net. I&#039ve made a couple of pages for viewing and editing an Access database. All of those pages work fine - once! That is, when I open one of the pages, it works as planned, but when I try to reload the page or open another one that uses the database, PWS freezes and I have to reboot the computer to get it going again. It&#039s not a bug in the code, because all pages work fine when uploaded to my host.<BR>I&#039d be very glad if anyone knows how to fix this!

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    You have a problem with your ODBC DLLs. To solve this do the following :-<BR>1. Locate your PWS installation files on Win98 Cd-Rom in D:Add-onsPws directory.<BR>2. Open by double-clicking it.<BR>3. Select all the files, right click then select Extract.<BR>4. Extract the files to C:WindowsSystem<BR>5. In C:windowssystem delete odbccp32.dll and odbcint.dll<BR>6. In C:windowssystem rename odbccp32.dll1 to odbccp32.dll AND odbcint.dll1 to odbcint.dll<BR>7. Reboot<BR><BR>I had the same problem and found this fix here on 4guysfromrolla<BR>Hope it works.

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    I have the same problem but with windows95. Can I use the same solution ??

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