I am using SQL Server, VisualBasic, MTS, and ASP for web development. Here&#039s my problem: I have a members table, an addresses table, and a linking table called MembersAddresses. This way my data is fully normalized. A member can have more than one address and one address can be linked to more than one member. I can&#039t figure out how to write a function in my VB Class Module which will insert a new address and insert a new record in the MemberAddresses table to link the new address to the appropiate member who owns the address?<BR><BR>Here are the tables:<BR><BR>Members<BR>---------<BR>MemberID<BR>Name<BR>Email<BR>etc...<BR><BR>Add resses<BR>-----------<BR>AddressID<BR>Address<BR>City<BR>etc...<BR><BR> MembersAddresses<BR>------------------<BR>MembersAddressesID<BR>MemberID<BR>AddressID