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    A lot of websites have means of subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters using an automated e-mail system. Basically, a user replies to the letter that they have just received and put "SUBSCRIBE" in the message subject line.<BR>Currently, I have a means of sending out the initial e-mail to the client using CDO. But, how can I automatically read someones e-mail once they send it back to me. Do I have to code that stuff using MS Outlook?<BR>If you can direct me to any articles on this matter that would be great.<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>SAl

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    CDO object also can be used in reading those incomeing emails, there is a book called ASP Professional does say something about that topic. I don&#039t have that book by hand, if I am wrong about the book&#039s name I will post the correct one later.<BR>Thomas

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    Here&#039s an idea:<BR>Send them an email with a unique link to a form processing page on your website. In the initial email send an http address link like this:<BR><BR><BR>the psuedo code for your subscribe.asp would be..<BR>action = Request("action")<BR>strEmail = Request("email")<BR>connect to database<BR>SQL add new dbEmail = strEmail<BR><BR>cheers<BR>troy the asp boy<BR>

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