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Thread: contract asp programmer needed.

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    Otter Guest

    Default contract asp programmer needed.

    Ok ladie&#039s and Gents this is what I currently need. I am building a website ( that will have listings of RV Dealers, campgrounds, and rental facilities. <BR>Originally I planned on having the lists on Static pages but my plans have changed. I am looking to allow the user to rate the companies with a star/comment rating (like amazon allows users to rate books). Obviously it does not have to be as fancy as Amazons set up but basically have the same rating type of system. The only other feature I would like to have would be that when a review is placed an e-mail is automatically sent to the company that has been reviewed. If you are interested in working on this project please feel free to contact me @<BR>Thanks.

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    swastika Guest

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    I am intersted in your project. I am an asp programmer with around 3 years of experinec in developing data-enabled 3 -tier e-commerce applications. You can contact me at :<BR>regards<BR>swastika

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