Howdy, <BR>My partner and I are using an ASP message board, that allows users to post their name, email addy, message, etc. We currently have it setup to display 5 entries per page. <BR><BR>The funny thing is this... <BR>The database has been set up to display the most current record first, the oldest record last: <BR>On Page 1 of 2: <BR>SEVENTH ENTRY (newest entry) <BR>SIXTH ENTRY <BR>FIFTH ENTRY <BR>FOURTH ENTRY <BR>THIRD ENTRY <BR><BR>On Page 2 of 2: <BR>FIRST ENTRY (oldest entry) <BR><BR>The SECOND ENTRY totally disappears. This only happens on the last page (so if we had 19 entries (5 entries per page), page 3 of 3 will only display the oldest entry, and not show the other 3 that should be there). <BR><BR>We&#039ve played with changing how many records display on each page, but it makes no difference...eventually, the SECOND ENTRY will not show up. <BR><BR>We are using an Access 97 db for this. The code is clean and pretty straight-forward...just can&#039t past this last part. <BR><BR>Any info is greatly appreciated :) <BR><BR>Best, <BR>JimmyD<BR>