I have a asp page that queries a oracle database and display&#039s the infomration. The problem is that the data is cryptic. I would like to display the infomration in a way that will make sense to the user.<BR><BR>More problems. The database design can not be altered so I must use what I have.<BR><BR>I would like to take the returned data and place the records in a nice table.<BR><BR>For the purpose of illistration I have a table with these columns<BR><BR>filenumber&#124f&#124g&#124h&#124h_ value&#124i&#124j&#124k&#124k_value&#124l&#124l_va lue&#124m&#124m_value<BR><BR>The data I get needs to be formated and placed into the correct colmun.<BR><BR>Here is some example data I get..<BR><BR>FileNumber Tag1 Val1 Tag2 Val2 Tag3 Val3 Tag4 Val4 <BR>001001-4 fREGHR 35. hVACHR 5. hSICHR 40. <BR>001002-6 iREGER 1500. kBONER 500. m41KDE 75.25 <BR>001003-8 iREGER 2500. kCOMER 2375.15 mAUTDE 250. <BR>001004-0 fREGHR 40. _CTMxx M _CFEyy 2 _CSEyy 2 <BR>001005-1 hBERHR 80. kOTHER 4000. <BR>001101-3 fREGHR 80. gOVRHR 40. mCAFDE 100 <BR><BR>Now here is what I am trying to do.<BR>Starting with the first record received working from left to right place the filenumber value in the filenumber column, with each column afterwards read the tag and do two things with it (1. get the first char, this tells me what column in the table I am working with. 2. Get the Cap char&#039s and use it to make another querry. These cap letters will be converated to a numeric value after the querry)<BR><BR>Now that this is done take the value and the new numeric tag and place it in the appropiate column based on the first letter of the tag.<BR><BR>Again for illistration Tag1 and Val1 for filenumber 001001-4 <BR>would look like this in the webpage<BR><BR>filenumber&#124 f &#124g&#124h&#124....<BR>001001-4 &#124 105/35&#124g&#124h&#124....<BR><BR>Now move to the next tag and val and repeat the above until the processing of that filenumber is complete.<BR><BR>If a filenumber has more than 1 record repeat with the next record except do not insert the filenumber insert the words continued.<BR><BR>Now get the next record and loop until all records (tag&#039s and val&#039s) are complete.<BR><BR><BR>I am just spining my wheels with this. Could really use some help.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Greg