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    Hey all,<BR><BR>I have the following code which does not work (I keep receiving a "type mismatch" error, and would like any suggestions as to why. The error occurs with the assignment. <BR><BR>Dim deptArray(17) <BR>Dim arrayIndex<BR>deptArray = Array("Executive", "Human Resources/Recruiting", "Legal", "Finance", "Operations Global Networks", "Operations Customer Care", "Operations Information Technology", "Operations Product Development", "Operations Product Integration & Emerging Technologies", "Operations Facilites/Purchasing", "National Sales Sales/Telemarketing", "National Sales Direct Sales", "National Sales Indirect Sales", "National Sales Sales Operations", "National Sales Sales Engineering", "Marketing", "Business Development", "Global Sales")<BR><BR><BR>I&#039ve even tried simple assignments such as:<BR>deptArray = Array("1", "2", .... "18")<BR><BR>and receive the same error. Yet, when I do:<BR>deptArray(0) = "1"<BR>deptArray(1) = "2"<BR>:<BR>deptArray(17) = "18"<BR><BR>it works fine. What&#039s going on?<BR><BR>thanks!

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    Try not defining the size of the array in the DIM statement...<BR><BR>Dim deptArray<BR><BR><BR>deptArray = Array(...)<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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