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    Jason Buck Guest

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    Hey everyone, there is a free certification site out there that is trying to gain some recognition. Help them out.<BR><BR> <BR><BR>You can take tests in many areas to check you knowledge.

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    Just wanted to let others know that this is a legit site (or at least it appears to be). I recently took the ASP, HTML, Javascript, and WWW exams, and received my certs within a few weeks. <BR><BR>BTW, they weren&#039t pieces of paper printed on a HP Deskjet either, they were actual certs, with embossing and seal.<BR><BR>Jerry

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    al dawg Guest

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    I also am a brainbench member. I have recieved my certifications and they seem pretty legit. And it&#039s not like they&#039re a pushover. They emailed me to beta-test their outlook test (and I&#039m a eudora user) and I failed MISERABLY. I am anxious to see some of the newer tests. I have the OS exams taken, they&#039re good. Going to try some other ones. <BR><BR>The only thing I don&#039t like is I think they&#039re leaving their niche. They not only do computer stuff, but they&#039re branching out to be some kind of "jack of all trades" test authority. I wish they would stick to CPU stuff

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