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    Rajal Nigam Guest

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    I don&#039t want the pages to be cached so that offline viewing of pages is not possible.<BR>

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    Jason Buck Guest

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    &#060;meta HTTP-EQUIV="PRAGMA" CONTENT="NO-CACHE"&#062;<BR>or <BR>&#060;% <BR>response.expires = 0<BR>%&#062;<BR>or<BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.CacheCon trol = "Private"<BR>response.Expiresabsolute = Now() - 1<BR>%&#062;<BR>All of the above items are suppose to prevent the caching of your web page, but I can&#039t guarantee that they always work.<BR><BR>Respectfully,<BR><BR>Jason Buck<BR>

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    include this code at the begining of the asp works fine for me in all the browsers. <BR><BR>&#060;% Response.CacheControl= "no-cache" <BR> Response.AddHeader "pragma", "no-cache" <BR> Response.Expires= -1 %&#062;<BR><BR>thanks<BR>bala

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