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    Dynamically when i call an asp page in another asp by using &#039Server.Execute&#039 through my proxy setup on to our IIS server which on the other machine having WINNT4.0 and IIS 4.0 and mine is a WIN 2000 machine having IIS 5.0 it is creating a runtime error at the server and displaying it and my browser is stopping the execution at around 40%. Is there any other way to solve the problem by using the above config machines.<BR><BR>The same is executed if i do on to my local machine&#039s IIS.<BR><BR>my mail id is u can reply to the mailid also

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    Here is a resource for some info. on Server.Execute which requires Win2000/IIS5:<BR><BR>New Directions in Redirection: Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0 Provides Two New Methods for Redirection by Ram Papatla<BR><BR>Server.Transfer (instead of Response.Redirect) and Server.Execute work on IIS5 which is on Win2000.<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>-Paul<BR>

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