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    &nbsp;<BR><BR> How do you go about using ASP to include a HTML file? I have read how to include a asp file with asp, but i do not understand how to include a HTML file.<BR><BR> I am having trouble saving a file as an ASP file. I am using Allire Homesite. When I Save a file, and choose to save it as a ASP file, it automatically saves it as a HTML file.<BR><BR><BR>

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    You can use this:<BR><BR>&#060;!-- #include file="index.htm" --&#062;<BR>Instead of asp you have to specify it as htm.<BR>Hope this solves your problem.<BR><BR>As far as saving a file in allaire homesite, by efault it saves as .htm file. You can try file - save as .... and select HTML Documets. This should work for you.<BR><BR>All the best.<BR><BR>

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    thank you,<BR><BR> I tried using the line of code you are talking about, and it still will not work. Even if I try to using that line with a asp file, it still does not execute.<BR><BR> As far as saving something as a asp file, i tried what you said before i asked the question, and i found that i actually have to type filename.asp, then choose to save it as a asp file to get it work. i could not just choose asp from the list, as it would still save it as a html file.

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    Your problem might be that you&#039re trying to get the ASP file to include text which has ASP code which will not normally be executed (there are workarounds using the FSO - filesystemobject - but nothing easy). <BR><BR>Try putting together a simple HTML file without any of the usual header or footer tags. A page with "&#060;p&#062;Dazed and confused&#060;/p&#062;" will do. Save it and then try including it into the middle of an HTML or ASP file using the include function shown earlier.<BR><BR>Be cool.<BR><BR>F.

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