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    I am running PWS.exe and trying to connect to Sqlserver. i am getting <BR> "DSN not found or specified sqlserver driver not found." But my odbc is properly configured for the DSN and works fine from VB. My code in asp is...<BR><BR>Set connObj=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR > "DSN=Developement;uid=dcsh_dbo;pwd=dcsh_dbo;Databa se=DailyCasht;"<BR> <BR><BR>Please suggest

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    I realy don&#039t see anything that looks bad in your code. First I would make sure that the DSN is a System DSN and not a user DSN. Secondly, the Name might be case sensitive (don&#039t remember), make sure it is spelled exactly. Personaly If you are running ADO 2.1 or greater on the computer you should use the OLEDB Provider for SQL. it would be much faster and you will not need the DSN.<BR>Hope this helps.<BR>

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