Hi<BR>we&#039re about to start a new project. The guy is selling sheets of paper, colored paper. Different sizes and different colors. For different prizes. <BR><BR>Imagine yourself a piece of paper, A4 or Letter. Fill it with 25 boxes on the Y axis and 23 on the X axis. That pretty much fills the sheet with boxes. <BR><BR>Every box may have it&#039s own value. Every box has to have the ability to be selected or - preferably - assigned a number to it ("I want 5 pieces of paper).<BR><BR>So maybe somebody ticks off 5 boxes and order 25 pieces of paper and somebody else tocks off 1 box and orders a container full of it.<BR><BR>The big question is: how do I collect al of those values and regroup them into a useful piece of code. I was thinking about client side Javascript (although I don&#039t know how yet:-) ) but maybe somebody else has a betetr idea.<BR><BR>I&#039ll be much obliged.<BR>thanx<BR>ijme - <BR>ermelo - the netherlands