How do verify that dll&#039s are PWS registered in WIN95? How do I unregister these components? <BR><BR>----background-------<BR>I&#039m needing to run customized ActiveX components via ASP and must test first on Personal Web Server on my WIN95 machine. I&#039m developing the components in Visual Basic and running the VB "Package and Deployment Wizard", which compiles and then packages the dll&#039s in a .cab file. The only documentation that I can find for registering dll&#039s in PWS has me doing: Regsvr32.exe {customizedfile}.dll at the DOS prompt. MicroSoft Developers Network doesn&#039t provide separate instructions for PWS in its examples. Does &#039c:/pws&#062; pws /stop&#039 temporarily unregister dll&#039s? <BR><BR>Related: Any suggestions for error trapping in ASP VB Script vs. VB? <BR>