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    I have the window.close() statement in a function that runs when the page loads. When the function runs though, a popup occurs saying that the website is attempting to close the window and asking the user if they want to close the window or not. Is there a way to get the browser not to prompt the user if they want to close the window and just do it automatically? Help would really be appreciated.

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    Hi, Jeff!<BR><BR>Is that window inside a frameset? If so, you should call the close method for the top window:<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;;<B R><BR>Another possibility is that you webserver (usually a free one) can be adding a script with an "onclose" event. In this case (IE only, i suggest you to set the innerHTML value of the script object (located and accessed by tags enum), to a blank space (don&#039t really know of it&#039s gonna work), or on the "onload" event, set the "onclose" event to a blank.<BR><BR>Bruno (

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