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    I built a database with only two fields.One of them is a memo type. I have a form that submits data to both fields. I am getting errors in the memo type field. I think whenever there is a single quote &#039 in the text, it gives me a syntax error. <BR>is there any function that goes through the text and fix that error or anything ican do about this. I know the memo type has a bog range of chars.<BR>Thank you<BR>here is my email <BR>Thanks again

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    Yes, there is an easy way to accomplish this:<BR>Let&#039s say you are passing the variable varExample to your database for Insert into the memo field. All you have to do is use varExample = Replace(varExample, "&#039", "&#039&#039") before your insert statment. This will eliminate any single quotes from your entry and allow you to process the Insert statement.<BR><BR>

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