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Thread: Unable to run ASP on my Browser

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    I ma new to ASP.<BR>I am writing my ASP on a notepad, but when I open them from the explorer it opens up the notepad instead of the browser. How do I associate it so that when I open my file.ASP file it opens up in the browser and not in notepad.<BR>Thanks in asdvance.

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    you need to be running IIS in order to use ASP pages. IIS is internet information server which is made by microsoft. you can downloaded it from there site. in order to use the asp pages, you need to setup a web server with IIS and then place the files in the correct directory where the web site resides. if you are only going to be running the web server on your computer, the ip address is that is the local loopback adapter for the computer. good luck!

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    Default you need webserver software

    Actually, ActiveServerPages are utilized by a webserver (e.g., PWS or IIS) which, in turn, spits out a bunch of HTML to your browser; So, your browser doesn&#039t know that it&#039s an ASP -- and this has an added function of protecting your code on the ASP from prying eyes.<BR><BR>You need to place your ASP&#039s on a webserver, and then point your browser to that particular ASP on the webserver. For example, i am using PWS as a webserver. (you can find this on your Win98 install CD in the Add-in directory, or search Microsoft.COM for "NT Option Pack PWS".) When i want to view a page i&#039m developing i merely point my browser to that page, like so...<BR>//localhost/testpage.asp<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR>

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