How to slice query results?

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Thread: How to slice query results?

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    This might seem quite simple for you advanced guys but anyway. I&#039m developing a search engine with Asp & Access and I have a problem with the results which I got from query. I only want to show first 10 results on a first page then 10 on the next and so on. You understand this better if you go to altavista and submit a search. Can I somehow do query for the first 10 results and then continue on the next page? I would really appreciate your help!

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    Big Guy,<BR><BR>What you are wanting to do is "page" your results.<BR>I think there is a good example over at<BR>in the tutorials section but I can&#039t connect to them right now (ARG !) You should check them out anyway.<BR><BR>I&#039m 99% sure there was an example that would let you select the # of records per page and so-on. <BR><BR>The other option is that Visual Interdev has a design time control that will allow you to page recordsets. That is if you have Interdev.<BR><BR><BR>Mike

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    Thanks, Mike! I pay that tutorial site a visit.

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