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    I am passing a variable through the url to determine what functions of the page should run. The page has several functions that are very close to another, displaying user info. However, when the edit action is passed, it queries the database for the users information. When the new action is passed, it just display the page with no information posted. I have a problem, with an if statement. The if statement contains a reference to the recordset when querying the database during the edit mode. However, this gives me a problem when in the new user mode because the recordset doesn&#039t exist. This there a way to get around this problem short of writing if statements for each input box?

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    To check to see that there are actually one or more records in a recordset perhaps do the following:<BR><BR>&#039 If not empty rst.<BR>If Not rst.EOF Then<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>-Paul<BR>

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