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    I have a very database instensive website where ASP pages generate information based on current database. This results in a lot of hits to the database when the same information is viewed time and time again. Can you use ASP to generate a HTML page that can be viewed repeatedly and only updated when database contents change? I was thinking that since HTML is a text-based file I could use FileSystemObject to either create an HTML page or a txt file that I INCLUDE in an SHTML page and just recreate the text file when needed. My site gets about 12000 page views a week, but the server hits are about 56000, this seems high to me (?) so I am trying to tweak the site for speed and performance.

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    Chris,<BR><BR>We do something similiar. I write files to HTML to put on a CD. I used the existing asp file and changed the response.write to OutStream.WriteLine to create the html file. You have double up on all the "" too.<BR><BR>If you would like to see my file to get an idea of what I am doing email me at<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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