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    I created a site for my own purposes, but decided that it might be useful to other people in my community. Problem is, I developed it for IE and used tables and embedded tables for formatting. The main thing I did was put images in the corners of a 3x3 seamless table to provide a rounded window look. Now when I open it in NS it degrades rather poorly. I want to say I&#039ve read something about it being related to margins and there is a way to fix it, but I can&#039t remember. Can any one point me to a reference that discusses using tables to format in NS.

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    use tables to make seamless rounded windows that work in netscape <BR><BR>1. your cells must have no gaps.<BR>&#060;table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"&#062;<BR><BR>2. do not specify cell width or cell height in your &#060;td&#062; tags.<BR>so that they will adjust to your image height and width.<BR><BR>3. for dynamically adjusted tables, split up top row into cells. and use corner images on the 2 side cells. instead of one whole image across the top row.<BR><BR>4. for the center cell use <BR>&#060;td style="background-image: url(&#039/images/centerbar.gif&#039); background-repeat: repeat-x"&#062;<BR><BR>5. this will give the center, or side border cells a background image and allow it adjust to your table content automatically.<BR><BR>6. or you may just specify a cell color instead. be sure place data into the cell, such as a blank space "&nbsp" or insert a single-pixle transparent gif, which can be set as the flag for a visitor tracking/site stat cgi program.<BR><BR>nelson

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