hi, i am a newby in creating components for my own use, with visual j++<BR><BR>i am having problem getting rid/open the files that were read/wrote by the component...said something like "file being used by some other guys"...how do i release the reference in my component to those files?<BR><BR>below is my code fragment:<BR>nSession.LogonSMTP("name", "addr@lala.com");<BR>Folder inbox = (Folder)nSession.getInbox().toObject();<BR>Message s colMsg = (Messages)inbox.getMessages().toObject();<BR>Messa ge msg = (Message)colMsg.getItem(new Variant(1)).toObject();<BR><BR>I noticed that the last line caused the problem...i think it&#039s because i am actually using the file object. but how do i release it? guess ComLib.release won&#039t help...tried it...<BR><BR>hopefully somebody would help me out with this...thanx a lot!!<BR><BR>btw, would anybody recommend some other good sites focus on component development in java?