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    Tom Holder Guest

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    Hi.<BR><BR>I have a form produced from ASP that gives me a list of images in a directory. This bit works fine. However, what I want to do is, next to the list of images have a text link that says &#039Show image.&#039 This will then popup a window that will show the correct image.<BR><BR>Showing the image is no problem because I can do that with ASP by taking the name of the image out of the URL. All I need to do in Javascript is open the file with the current item apended to the end of it. For example, if horse.gif was currently selected in the dropdown box - clicking &#039Show image&#039 would open image.asp?img=horse.gif<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR>Tom<BR>

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    Bruno Santos Guest

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    Tom,<BR><BR>You could, or should, put this dropdown box into a form, and name it to a different name (not "img"), as "curimage", or "myimg". Tthe dropdown itself will send its value throug the form when the submit event occurs.<BR><BR>Bruno (

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