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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am having a problem with displaying the text in text area.<BR> Here is the sample of what I am trying to do. I am using sqlserver as back end database. <BR>&#060;TD&#062;&#060;TEXTAREA cols=50 name= P_Qual rows=10&#062;<BR>&#060;%= rst2("P_Qual") %&#062;&#060;/TEXTAREA&#062; <BR><BR>The problem what I am facing is whenever I change the Position<BR>of text area for example intead of displaying it at first position If I try to display it at last position it gives me an <BR>ODBC Error. And i have two text areas on the form.<BR><BR>If any one can tell me why it is behaving so weired please help <BR>me.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Harry<BR>

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    Offhand, I&#039d say that the error is being generated in between the query and the move; the display merely throws the error. (Microsoft has yet to write a decent debugger [imo].) Is there any other source you can show us? (ie: everything from the query to the move, assuming that you do the move right before the &#060;textarea&#062;)?<BR><BR>--Jason

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    I had the same problem. What you need to do is in your select statement instead of using a star to pull everything from the database you must type each field from the database, and then have the field that is text last. Example:<BR>Select prodid,prodname,prodprice,description from.....<BR>description will be the field that is a text field, I hope this helps you.<BR>

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