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    Fion Guest

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    I am required to captured user inputs from an asp page using a form. Upon successful completion (ie submit), I need to save these values into a database as well as to transfer these values to a predefined MS word template and trigger the print command of Word to print out the document.<BR><BR>Please give substantial help. Thanks in advance

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    I&#039ve got the same requirement. I&#039ve read from Microsoft that you can fire up Word.exe in the background on the Web server, but that this is completely unsupported and unrecommended (because it is built as an interactive app).<BR><BR>Anyone got any alternatives??

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    milind Guest

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    what exactly is the problem ? the word document template is there on the server . the location is known . your asp code can write to a file using varios objects like filesystem object and it&#039s functions like read write etc. <BR>for printing , there must must some function . exact definition i don&#039t hv right now for printing . <BR><BR>hope u r clear what i mean . if u r stuck up with soemthing specifik let me know . <BR>

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    have you seen this article?<BR><BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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