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    Hello All:<BR><BR>I am currenly designing a Web Admin console that connects to a 3rd party application that stores values in a SQL Server 7.0 database<BR><BR>I set the following in my ASP script for the variable to be Null<BR><BR>strOption = Null<BR><BR>( In the SQL Table the value appears as empty, but the app still counts this as a valid field )<BR><BR>When I use CRTL-0 in SQL Enterprise Manager and manually Null the field the app reads the value correctly as Null<BR><BR>How do set a value in ASP to be Null &#060;NULL&#062; ?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Stuart Shay

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    I&#039ve not worked with SQL Server 7. But have inserted a null into a table. SQL is as under:<BR><BR>QRY = "INSERT INTO &#060;table&#062;" & "field1 VALUES (" & (null) & ")"<BR>ObjCon.Execute QRY<BR><BR>This has worked with SQL 6.5<BR><BR>You can try this one

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