I need to determine the feasibility of creating a function that creates a menubar on the fly based on the parent child relationship that exists for the current page request. I am an intermediate ASP developer but I have no experience with creating custom functions. I&#039m soliciting ideas as to possible approaches.<BR><BR>There are two tables that need to be evaluated in this architecture: The SiteContent table and the SiteMap table.<BR><BR>The SiteContent table contains all page content for the entire Web site. Each page is an individual record with datafields for content, ItemID, KeywordMetaData, etc.<BR><BR>The SiteMap table establishes the relationship among all pages in reference to the root directory. This contains the name of each page, ID, and the names of all children that fall under it, if any.<BR><BR>The idea is to create a dynamic site development paradigm so that the menubars are dynamically created at runtime and are reflective of the current site architecture. Pages and sections may be rearranged or deleted altogether and the function could do a test against the site layout table to determine the makeup of the menubar links.<BR><BR>