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    I am designing a database driven site using ASP and passing some parameters using QueryStrings. I think I am going to switch to Session variables (which makes more sense anyway) but I am having a problem that may come up again. Everything works just fine in IE, but when I try to view an article in NS I get a page stating "The parameter is incorrect". The process goes like this: You select which list of articles you would like to see, there are 3 different sections. On the list page, the title of the article and a brief description are pulled from the database and displayed. The title is made into a link that uses a QueryString to pass the title as is to the display page. This works great for IE, but not for NS. My theory is this, IE automatically replaces spaces in a querystring with %20 while NS does not, causing a problem when display.asp tries to bring up the selected article. Can anyone confirm or clarify this for me? I am also looking for resources related to the difference between IE and NS as far as using tables for layout formatting.

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    if you&#039re pulling the title from the database... query string is definitely the function to use and not session variables. Passing long statements to a query string sometime causes problemas especially if you are using special characters such as ", &#039 and a lot more. I myself encountered this problem before but on different issues which is in regards to retrieving emails from a mailserver. Anyways, why dont u pass on a querystring the articles ID instead of the title.. make sure that you have an ID on your database for each of your article in an ascending order, if not try to put one...

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    To pass a parameter to a query string you need to encode it so it works properly with NS.<BR><BR>E.g.:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="your.asp?title=&#060;%=server.urlencode(Titl e)%&#062;"&#062;title&#060;/a&#062;

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