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    I need to preset some checkboxes. I read info from a database and then set the check box. The problem is that when I use a variable to pre-set the box I can&#039t read changes. If I don&#039t Preset the box I can read the changes but now the box isn&#039t preset. <BR><BR>Here is the current Preset code. I assume that I need to write some kind of function that reads the checkbox control, Pre-Sets it, or responds to it.<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT id=cbxMovie name=cbxMovie type=checkbox value=&#060;% Response.Write bMovie %&#062;&#062;Movie/TV Stars<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT id=cbxMusic name=cbxMusic type=checkbox value=&#060;% Response.Write bMusic %&#062;&#062;Music Stars<BR><BR>The bMovie & bMusic set the value to "On" or True.<BR>You can reach me by email at:<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>--Robb

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    if you want a checkbox selected, write CHECKED in the input tag. Value only passes the value if it is checked.<BR><BR>ex:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="checkbox" name="DoYouLikeMovies?" value="Yes" CHECKED&#062; <BR><BR>would produce a checkbox named DoYouLikeMovies (request.form("DoYouLikeMovies") which is checked when the person sees it. If it checked, then request.form("DoYouLikeMovies")="Yes"

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