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    Is there a way to create and use remote objects from client side script in nescape? I can get it to work just fine in IE(imagine that), but it doesn&#039t work at all in netscape. Can this be done, or is this just another one of the great fetures of netscape?<BR>Any help would be appreciated.

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    SPG Guest

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    Well, it&#039s like this... the last clean version of Netscape (4.0) came about the same time as the last clean version of NT (4.0), and both of these happened long before anybody tried to create remote objects from client side script. Since then, Microsoft went on to build these remote object thingies which work great between Microsoft servers and Microsoft workstations. Netscape went on to invest their time in cross-platform compatibility, and got munched by AOL. Neither Netscape nor AOL have any interest in giving licensing money to Microsoft so they can make remote objects on Microsoft servers from Microsoft workstations.<BR><BR>Using utterly proprietary extension technologies gives you some benefits, but also limits your audience to those with the technology to be extended. Either document it and move on or refactor and move back.<BR><BR>[ Exception: Both browsers (IE/NN) might support JavaBeans, but I&#039m good enough with Java to give any kind of knowledgable information beyond the buzzwords. ]

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