Using the same code from a server running IIS4 with Win NT4 and a server running IIS5 with Win2K, I am getting different results.<BR><BR>The page is a report that is sent to the browser in Excel format using Response.ContentType="application/x-msexcel".<BR><BR>When the page loads, you get prompted to open it or save it. If you choose save it, it looks great in both IIS4 or IIS5. But if you choose to open it in the current IE browser window, IIS4 renders it exactly like it does when saved but IIS5 opens it without processing any of the ASP. IIS5 also locks it like an MS Office document and tells each subsequent user that they cannot open as it is opened exclusively by another user.<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me what I can do to make IIS5 process the ASP code while still showing it in the current browser window?