Dropdown box is truncating text.

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Thread: Dropdown box is truncating text.

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    S. Bailey Guest

    Default Dropdown box is truncating text.

    My response.write shows that the selected value from my dropdown box is being truncated. Example: "Smith, John" returns a value of "Smith,". Do you know a way to have the last and first name returned without truncation?

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    KPW Guest

    Default RE: Dropdown box is truncating text.

    Without seeing your code, I can&#039t say for sure, but it sounds like maybe your VALUE attributes are not enclosed in quotation marks. If you have<BR><BR>&#060;OPTION VALUE=Smith, John&#062;Smith, John&#060;/OPTION&#062;<BR><BR>I believe this will give the results you indicate. However, using<BR><BR>&#060;OPTION VALUE="Smith, John"&#062;Smith, John&#060;/OPTION&#062;<BR><BR>should give you the result you want.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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