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    Ashley T. Howes Guest

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    I was wondering what the licensing issues are with using ADO on the Internet via ASP to access databases. We are using an Access database on the site and currently assume that ADO allows one to use any number of Access databases once installed and paid for. Is this the case? If not what is the licensing structure?<BR><BR>This topic came to light after someone noted that when using Access itself, each user must have a copy of Access to examine the file. I expect on the Internet this is different <BR>(perhaps the database engine and clients are &#039separated&#039) but I would like to hear people&#039s thoughts on this.<BR><BR>Thank-you for your help.<BR><BR><BR>Ashley

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    SPG Guest

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    I expect that since the database belongs to you and is only being used by your single (hand-made) ASP application featuring properly licensed db-technology, hence -- given you have license for your Access db and your users&#039 ADODB interface -- there&#039s nothing wrong with your usage model (because the users only see the shell of the database, not the actual Access functions).<BR>

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