Gentlemen:<BR> <BR>Several of you have responded to my postings in various places dealing with a permissions issue on an access database I was running. A couple of you were having the same problem and all of you I wanted to thank.<BR>When first encountering this problem, I was advised to download the "newest" MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Component)<BR>from Microsoft. I did so unaware that the newest MDAC (which is v2.0) already comes with Option Pack 4 which I had already installed. So when I downloaded the MDAC from Microsoft, I actually reinstalled it. In my experience, any time you install a new component from an Option Pack, you should always rerun your Service Pack (in my case Service Pack 5). After doing this, I no longer have the permissions problem anymore.<BR> <BR>Thanks again,<BR> <BR>Rob Taylor<BR><BR>www.cartography<BR>Mapping and Cartographic Resources<BR>Be sure and stop by and vote!!!!!