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Thread: onsubmit="??" HELP!! <easy!>

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    Ok, this is a simple one for you ASP gurus.. I can&#039t find any sample code or help for this though..<BR><BR>I have a form, and upon Submit, I want to call another ASP page.<BR><BR>i have<BR>&#060;form method="GET" action"newpage.asp" OnSubmit="newpage.asp"&#062;<BR><BR><BR>This code works fine in Netscape, but in IE, it gives me an error, saying that newpage is undefined. If I choose not to debug the error, it continues one just fine, and calls the newpage.asp script. Why does it give me that error? How can I get around it?<BR><BR>-Jigar

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    in the form tag<BR>&#060;form method="GET" action="newpage.asp"&#062; as the submit button functionality will take you to the page mentioned in action.<BR><BR>Can you specify the error dispayed in IE ? Hope it should be other way round?<BR><BR>Let me know the status.<BR>

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