Diplaying Docs Last Modi. Dte w/ link

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Thread: Diplaying Docs Last Modi. Dte w/ link

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    We have a page with several links to pdf files that open in new window. Is there a way in which we can retrieve the date created or last date modified, and display it on the page next to the link. <BR><BR>We have it working fine in VBScript but we must use JavaScript for this particular page. Any Suggestion would be greatly appreciated.<BR>

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    fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");<BR>fi l = fso.GetFile("**path to file**");<BR>//then use the following to get these attributes<BR>var DLM = fil.DateLastModified;<BR>var DC = fil.DateCreated;<BR>//etc.. go to Microsoft Scripting Site for all you need to know<BR>//this is all JScript stuff using the file system object ActiveX<BR>//but the code is javascript syntax<BR><BR>did this answer your question? It is still Microsoft dependant because it is host enhancements but if you use IIS4.0 do it on the server side with ASP and you can do all kinds of stuff with files that you want to link.<BR><BR>

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