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    Christin Kiefer Guest

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    How can I remove HTML-tags from a string with ASP.<BR><BR>Wheer can I find some code for this?<BR><BR>thanks

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    icewolfz Guest

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    function striphtml(By Val sText)<BR> striphtml =""<BR> fFound = false<BR> do while instr(stext, "&#060;")<BR> fFound= true <BR> striphtml = striphtml & "" & left(stext, instr(stext,"&#060;")-1) <BR> stext = mid(stext. instr(stext,"&#062;")+1)<BR> loop<BR> striphtml = striphtml & stext<BR> if not fFound then striphtml = stext<BR>end function<BR><BR>this should work<BR><BR>

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