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    I would like to create an icon on my desktop from a download on the net.(one click download) The icon on the desktop will be a link back to the page that it was generated from.. <BR><BR>What would the code be to do this?<BR>Any suggestions?<BR>

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    not sure what you mean, but you can right click to save the url to the download file as shortcut from your browser and then paste it to your desktop...that&#039s if you want a 1 click link to the remote file.<BR><BR><BR>1 click link to local file, just save the download to your desktop. or save it to download directory. click download will be in your cache. right click the local file from the dialog box and drap/drop a shortcut to your desktop or create shortcut firt and then cut/paste to desktop.<BR>then cancel the 2nd download dialog box.<BR><BR>take advantage of your windows dialog boxes as a good file management tool.<BR><BR>download panekiller by maddog software. and delete all your little fast app launch utilities. and turn your start menu into what you always wished it was. mouse over a shortcut to a directory now will produce it&#039s contents in the next menu! wow!!! instead of just opening up explorer and dumping you there witout a menutree and hogging more precious system resource. it can even automatically sort your start menu whenever you drag/drop stuff. your start menu will be your best friend. tons of options.<BR>

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